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With features such has AC engine, power steering, suspended floorboard and entry bar safety switch, the EPT20-SR ride on pallet truck from Equipment was designed to improve health and safety at a reasonable price level, with state of the art lithium Ion technology to improve the productivity in the warehouse and production enviroment.



  • Electrionic steering, more lightweight operation
  • Adding folder block to facilitate file temporary storage
  • Increasing pedal to facilitate seat/side operation
  • Ordinary vans cannot protect their feet, You don't need to worry about foot injuries when operating.
  • A variety of braking methods to ensure personal safety.
  • Seat can adjust height, convenient for people of different height to operate.
  • A small toolbox is added to the back of the seat to facilitate the display of commonly used gadgets.


  • SIZE : 1,940 x 790 mm



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